Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday!  We know a few New Dentists out there are planning to open a new practice and are currently thinking about hiring staff to help run it.


So, who do you hire first?  You could say it’s a bit like the chicken or the egg analogy, which comes first, the business employee or the doctor’s assistant. For new dentists who are opening their first practices, few can afford to hire multiple employees, so they typically must choose between hiring an assistant and hiring a business employee initially.


There are advantages and disadvantages to hiring either at the outset, but dentists should look for an assistant with front desk experience. In addition, if the new practice has computers in the operatories many of the front desk duties can be handled chairside, such as scheduling appointments and collecting payments. And if the doctor has an assistant, s/ he can work out of two rooms and that helps to increase production.


If the dentist is hiring an employee to perform both jobs temporarily s/he should hire for the business skills. That person needs to be nurturing and friendly, but s/he also need an analytical and logical side because s/he will be handling insurance, asking patients for money, organizing the schedule. Additionally, think long term. A new dentist wants to look for someone that they would like to keep on staff for many years.



We invite you to share your thoughts with us here.  Have a hiring nightmare story or question? Let us know.


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