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Guest post by Dawn Christodoulou, President/Owner of XLDent

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

5 Tips to Help New Dentists Build Patient Loyalty

As a New Dentist, you face the challenge of establishing strong patient relationships. Patient loyalty is not gained by just one thing, but by a compilation of positive influences. Because it’s so critical to practice success, let’s look at 5 ways you can help build loyalty in your practice.

  1. Get to Know Your Patients Before You Meet Them

By spending just one minute reviewing a patient’s dental chart before you enter the operatory you can identify how long this patient has been seen in your office, who their family is and notable treatment history. Long-term patients will be impressed if you acknowledge the trust they’ve put in this practice and thank them for being your patient.

Using a patient web portal that allows patients to get started with registration forms before their first visit can help get the relationship started even before they walk in the door.

  1. Use Interactive Technology

Rather than being the doc with your back to the patient while you look at some crusty monitor, try engaging your patient in their dental chart. Use a Tablet PC to educate the patient about their dental treatment, review xrays, sign treatment consent forms and watch patient education videos. With a Tablet PC in hand, you’re speaking to patients at their level, not pointing at a TV in the corner.

  1. Web Presence is a Must

Don’t waste time introducing yourself online. Use your website and Facebook page to feature pictures and a short bio for a great introduction to you and your practice. And incorporating videos are even better! If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in professional video, make a selfie video with your phone and put it on Facebook. It may feel awkward, but your patients will appreciate seeing the real you. Be sure to show your personality and give patients a way to connect with you on social media.

  1. Share your Passion

Take time to inform your patients about changes in dentistry such as new products available for home use, changes in regulations or rules, and new technology. Share your opinions, beliefs and goals. Use your social media channel to communicate your message and consider sending out patient newsletters too. Patients want to go to a dentist that stays current and cares about industry changes. So tell them what’s going on!

  1. Communication

With electronic records, communication is getting easier every day. During an appointment, you can easily email perio charts and treatment plans directly to your patients. If they aren’t ready to schedule their treatment plan today, send them a copy so that they can review the plan when they get home. Including online communication methods helps to broaden the connection patients have with you and your team.

A great dental software program is a key component to establishing patient relationships that lead to long-term loyalty. XLDent simplifies your workflows, helps you make the best use of current technology, and gives you the tools to do all this.

As an independent dental software company, XLDent is dedicated to the preservation of private dentistry and has made it our purpose to help new dentists in practice build successful small businesses.



Dawn Christodoulou is the President/Owner of XLDent.  She has more than 25 years of experience computerizing dental offices and helping both new and established practices streamline electronic workflows for increased efficiency, improve patient engagement, and achieve maximum profitability.  Dawn is also a member of ADA SCDI Working Groups 11.1 Standard Clinical Architecture and 11.9 Core Reference Data Set.

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