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Build Up Your Team

Friday, February 21st, 2014

The most effective dental teams achieve great monetary success as well as significant personal and professional accomplishment. Since these are the people that will make or break your professional life, not to mention have a powerful and profound effect on your individual happiness, consider these seven steps to ensure that your team is prepared to succeed.


#1. Provide clear direction and purpose. Individuals need direction and a fundamental understanding of how their day-to-day responsibilities fit into the practice’s overall goals and objectives.


#2. Instill trust. Team members need to know they can trust each other and you, the boss.


#3. Address conflict. There will be and there should be conflict in your practice. To harness it, there must be a process for managing it.


#4. Use temperament testing to provide staff a mirror into their own behavioral tendencies and a window into others’. Your team members need to understand what their individual strengths and weaknesses are as well as those of their teammates.


#5. Create a connection. Team members need to feel included in the process. They need to feel valued for their contributions.


#6. Establish an open line of communication. They need to feel empowered to speak up, make decisions, and take action when it is in the best interest of the practice.


#7. Provide a safety net. A true team environment makes it safe to give solid, constructive feedback to each other.


Kick off 2014 with a commitment to build your team, and watch them build your practice in the coming months.