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You Want Them to Want You

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Create desire and interest in your services from the first phone call. Develop a script so that anyone who takes a prospective new patient phone call conveys consistent positive messages and gathers necessary information. Set aside time in the hygiene schedule and in doctor’s schedule to accommodate new patients. These should be during times of greatest patient demand. Above all else, when talking to new patients, they should immediately feel welcome. Staff should convey a sense of confidence and encouragement.


For example:


“Mrs. Jones, I would be delighted to schedule a new patient appointment for you. Would 8 a.m. next Thursday, February 26th work best for you or would you prefer 4 p.m. March 1? We also have a 2 p.m. on Monday if that would work for you.” Giving the patient options helps both the practice and the patient to maintain some level of control of their own schedules. Right from the start, the patient should feel that they have made the best choice in calling your office.


It doesn’t hurt to tell them what they want to hear. “You are going to really like Dr. Beal, her patients rave about her, and she does some of the most beautiful work in town. I am going to send out to you today, our new patient packet. This will have some forms for you to complete and bring with you the day of your appointment. It also provides additional information about the doctor, her team, and some things to help ensure that your visit is as beneficial as it can be for you. Or if you would prefer, I can email you the link to our website and you can complete the forms online.”


Scripting ensures that every staff member can be prepared when picking up the phone.

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