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Are you ill prepared to handle employee polices and procedures?


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7 Elements of An Effective
Employment Policy, Part 1
7 Elements of An Effective
Employment Policy, Part 2




Do you have an Employee Policy and Handbook that addresses specifics of a dental practice and that will protect you LEGALLY?




Mike Moore, Esq.

McKenzie Management has been watching jury verdicts in cases of wrongful termination and discrimination with concern for several years. Our clients have asked us for assistance in dealing with human resources that might explode into expensive litigation. We found the best possible person to write your "customized" Employment Policy Handbook.


Mike Moore is ranked among the best in employment law and named one of the top 10 lawyers in Ohio. As Director of McKenzie's HRSolutions, Mike has created a set of policies and procedures that we know are unavailable anywhere else for dental practices.



The Employment Policy and Handbook is geared to providing dentists who are unsophisticated in the legal arena with a step-by-step process that (1) creates an atmosphere of certainty in the employment relationship and (2) minimizes or completely eliminates risk of litigation or other legal issues with former employees or unsuccessful applicants.


The McKenzie HR policy is affirmative rather than punitive. It is "customized" to your needs and is supported by 1 year of unlimited access to expert advice and guidance.


The Handbook consists of policies and procedures such as: sexual harassment, break periods, resignation, attendance and tardiness, unprofessional conduct, progressive corrective action, employee concern policy, exit policy, payday, performance reviews, overtime, training, verification of licenses/education, holiday, paid/unpaid time off, jury duty, voting leave, military leave, witness leave, bereavement leave, social security, unemployment insurance, workers compensation, work week, equipment care, personal telephone calls, electronic mail monitoring, internet usage, dress code for clinical, non clinical, female, male, patient relations, smoking, substance abuse, workplace violence and much more.


What happens once I have ordered?


Direct contact is made with the purchaser of the manual. The Handbook template is sent to you in order to provide McKenzie HRSolutions with your desires for policy. Once McKenzie HRSolutions receives the template, telephone and email exchanges take place to "customize" the document to your needs. You will receive a hard copy in a binder along with a CD of the policy and 5 Employee Handbooks. You will also receive 1 year of support through unlimited email and telephone access, periodic alerts on legal issues affecting the practice and lawyer referral service.


Questions and Answers


For more information call 1-877-777-6151 Ext. 30 or email HRSolutions@mckenziemgmt.com.


Employment Policy and Handbook

Policy Manual (Binder and CD)

5 Employee Handbooks

1 Year unlimited support




"For the last 10 years I have attempted to put together, on my own, an employee handbook to use in my dental practice. Being a busy dental practitioner, finding the time and the resources to research the legal issues was time consuming and I never could have put together a product like the one I received from HR Solutions."


"Now that the employee handbook is in place, I have piece of mind in knowing that there are practical guidelines in place that my employees and I will to refer and follow."


"Knowing that I can contact HR Solutions through their Solution Center with questions and/or situations that may arise, gives me a sense of security knowing that my questions will be answered by legal professionals who will give me the right answers."


Dr. Ted Siegel

Big Smiles Dental