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Technology Planning for the New Dentist

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Guest post by Dawn Christodoulou, President/Owner of XLDent

For most dentists, starting a business is a time filled with excitement and confusion. Whether buying an existing practice or starting a new one, incorporating the right technology is one key to practice success. When it comes to practice technology, the temptation to DIY can lead the Dentist through a vortex of projects and complications. In addition, a DIY network could present limitations down the road. Let’s examine a few of the most important considerations a new dentist should make when choosing technology partners.

When choosing a hardware vendor or network service provider…

A partner that focuses on dentistry can have a critical impact on your practice success. Because technology failure equals loss of production, a company with expertise in the dental field will be able to minimize downtime. In addition, your partner will have a knowledge about digital x-ray systems and peripheral technologies that not just any IT company will know.

When choosing a dental software program…

With many dental software programs available, choosing a scalable solution will support your practice through growth and transition. The future of many privately owned practices includes multiple locations and multiple specialties offered. As your practice flourishes, your software partner should provide guidance about best practices. Recommendations about workflow optimization, billing, production tracking and database management will help you streamline your business. When starting your practice, a partner that supports multi-location and multi-specialty practices with one database will be a key consideration.

When choosing ANY technology partner…

Consider the learning tools that the partner can offer. As a dentist, production time is so valuable! Partners that provide excellent opportunities for learning new things will save you so much time in the end. CAN you install your own digital x-ray sensors and train your team on proper techniques? Sure, but your time is worth more than that! Take advantage of web based and in person learning opportunities that will help your business reach its fullest potential. A partner who understands your vision will guide you through the steps necessary to meet your goals.

As an independent dental software company, XLDent is dedicated to the preservation of private dentistry and has made it our purpose to help new dentists in practice build successful small businesses.

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Dawn Christodoulou is the President/Owner of XLDent. She has more than 25 years of experience computerizing dental offices and helping both new and established practices streamline electronic workflows for increased efficiency, improve patient engagement, and achieve maximum profitability. Dawn is also a member of ADA SCDI Working Groups 11.1 Standard Clinical Architecture and 11.9 Core Reference Data Set.