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Building Your Practice’s Facebook Empire

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Guest Post from The New Dentist Reader: Dr. John Syrbu

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As a new dentist, you surely have a personal Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
account, building an audience from your patients requires a slightly different
mindset. For the purposes of this discussion, we will consider the international
standard in social media: the Facebook business page. Before we even think of
asking patients to like your page, let’s assess if your page is ready for visitors.

The first and most important question to ask yourself is – if you were a patient,
would you like your page in its current state? Does it provide value? Do you see
the faces of you, your staff and happy patients sprinkled throughout the wall? Do
you have a foundation of fans and interactions? If “maybe” or “not really” crossed
your mind in answering these questions, then let’s take a few steps back.

First, let’s cross our T’s and dot our I’s. Are all of the written sections of the page
filled out and accurate? Surely your wall is your landing page, but if a new patient
is perusing through your page and they connect with your office, they might not
click back to your website for the hours, address or number to call. Make sure
your “About” section is polished and updated.
Next, get some fresh and recent posts on your wall. “What? I don’t even have
any fans yet, why bother?” you might think. If your most recent post wished
everyone a “Merry Christmas” and it’s warm outside, you either live in San Diego
or that post is outdated. And worse if your wall is completely empty, patients will
feel like they’re the first ones at the party. It’s awkward.
Once your wall is no longer vacant or outdated, invite your friends and family to
like the page. Have your team members invite their friends and family. “What
about the patients!?” They’re next. It’s important to have a foundation of followers
before asking your patients to join in. Again, no one likes being the first one to
the party. Assuming your friends and family like you, they will probably start to
“like” and comment on the posts, giving your posts a small dose of clout.
You are now fully dressed, furnished and ready to invite your patients to your
page. Have the signage in readily visible areas such as the reception desk and
waiting area. Make a note about the promotions and features that patients are
eligible for as Facebook fans. You and your staff should also be referencing the
page or recent posts in conversation. Talk about how much fun you have and
that you think your patient would enjoy and benefit from the content. Be honest,
authentic and consistent. And remember the three E’s of social media: educate,
entertain and engage!


John Syrbu DDS is a dentist, author and illustrator. Reach Dr. John at or visit his website ( for more information.