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Spreading Holiday Cheer …within the Budget

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

holiday party imagesholiday party images
As the year winds down, I hope you and your staff are seeing a bit more “sparkle” on the practice profit margin and you can take time to celebrate the Holiday Season. After all, there’s nothing like a little “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” to build camaraderie. But how do you ensure that you spread the holiday cheer without having to hand over a chunk of cash? Follow a few guidelines to keep the party on pace and the budget in line.

Here are a few suggestions of my own for a holiday party success:

1. Involve employees in the planning. Making them part of the process helps to ensure that you can deliver a celebration they will enjoy.
2. Provide clear budget guidelines, and encourage the party planners to be creative. For example the location could be a museum, or perhaps an ice rink.
3. Fixed Menu – If you do choose to hold your party at a restaurant, select items in advance from a limited menu. Include a variety of appetizers, pasta, chicken and fish. While you don’t want to skimp on food, you can be selective.
4. Limit Libations – Keep in mind that toasting the success of the practice once or twice is great, but should be limited. An open bar is an open invitation to potential problems. 5. Holding the event during the day can also keep expenses down – If the event is held during the day, the guest list is expected to be employees only.
6. Use the holiday party as an opportunity to give to others as well – In the spirit of “it is better to give than receive,” encourage staff to bring non-perishable items to the party that will be donated to the local food pantry or collect unwrapped new toys for area toy drives.
7. Make it a point to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year by showing genuine appreciation to your team members. Perhaps write a note of thanks and read it to them before presenting it to each team member present.

If a holiday party is not in your budget this year, consider offering staff members flexible scheduling over the holidays. This is a potentially huge reward with little/no impact on the bottom line. It can be a relatively easy way to thank employees who, like most of us, struggle to keep their work and personal life in balance.

Keep in mind that while the holidays offer an opportunity to recognize hard work and thank employees for their commitment to the practice throughout the year, they should not to be the only time of year in which you acknowledge their efforts.

MacPractice News for New Dentists

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

MacPractice has been a highly esteemed supporter and resource for the New Dentist Magazine and they asked us to share some of their recent news with you here, announcement as follows:

October 23, 2014, Lincoln, NE- MacPractice announced MacPractice DDS 5. In addition to MacPractice EMR and EDR, Yosemite compatible MacPractice 5 offers a new MacPractice EHR Ability that interoperates with MacPractice’s iOS 8 compatible iEHR, Clipboard and Patient Check In apps for iPad, and features ICD-10 code mapping with ICD-9 and SNOMED, an updated Patient PHI Portal, secure messaging, Kiosk 2 and online registration.

“MacPractice 5 represents a leap forward for all doctors who prefer the reliability and ease of use of Macs in their offices with the support of an established US vendor. 2014 Edition Certified MacPractice DDS, 5.0 make Apple technology usable for US dentists who wish to qualify for government incentives for the adoption and Meaningful Use of electronic health records,”

said MacPractice’s CEO Mark Hollis.

“Although MacPractice’s clients include practices and clinics with 50 or more users, we design our software to support small private practices. Smaller practices can’t afford the IT costs commonly associated with PC solutions. MacPractice does not require a dedicated server for less than 25 simultaneous users, nor does it require a “server” operating system. When the Internet is down or slow, MacPractice is ‘up and running.’ Most practices using MacPractice do not retain outside IT services. Many practices report paying no more than $300-$500 annually for on site IT service versus the $8,000-$15,000 they used to spend for the PC system MacPractice replaced. MacPractice is bolstering the sustainability and viability of the private practice of medicine in the US.”

Among many new features, MacPractice DDS 5 offers:

· New EHR desktop companion to iEHR for iPad

· 2 EHRs for the price of 1: EMR/EDR plus EHR for OS X/iEHR for iPad

· Upgraded Patient PHI (Protected Health Information) Portal

· Online Registration with EHR Forms

· Secure Messaging- doctor and patient, doctor to doctor

· Kiosk 2 works with EMR/EDR for patient registration and clinical forms

· ICD-9, ICD-10, SNOMED capable

· DEXIS Mac interface and integration (DDS)

· New DR images ribbon in MacPractice Restorative Chart (DDS)

· Enhanced Data Security, integrity and Audit Trail

· iOS 8 compatible Check In, Clipboard, iEHR apps for iPad

· iOS 8 compatible MacPractice Interface for iPad with ePrescribe

· iOS 8 compatible MacPractice Interface for iPhone

With MacPractice EHR/iEHR, clinicians can begin recording the patient’s visit on the iPad and finish on their Mac, or vice versa, giving them the best of both worlds. There are 15,000 providers who use MacPractice EMR, which was introduced in 2007. MacPractice EMR and EHR are ICD-10 capable. MacPractice is presently providing both EHR and EMR for the cost of just EMR, giving doctors the option to use either or both, for the cost of just one.

Purchasers of MacPractice MD, DC, 20/20 and DDS 5 receive $500 off or $1000 off for an EHR “trade-up” until December 31, 2014!

With 30 years of Mac experience, 30,000 MacPractice users in 4000 practices, 120 corporate staff in their recently expanded 30,000 square foot facility, and 40 full time MacPractice Practice Consultants in the field, MacPractice is the leading Apple developer of OS X and iOS native software for doctors who prefer to use Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Local representation, training and installation of MacPractice is available in the US, UK and Australia. MacPractice software is used in 29 countries. MacPractice is developed and supported in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Visit to learn about MacPractice, MacPractice software and view video testimonials. Hear what MacPractice users have to say about MacPractice, Inc. and MacPractice software. Register to view demo videos of MacPractice, the leading software for 10 years for doctors who prefer to use Apple technology in their offices for ease of use and far lower on site IT support cost.

About MacPractice:MacPractice, Inc. is a client centric practice management and clinical software development firm, comprised of highly experienced and caring individuals, dedicated to the development and support of best-of-class Macintosh software, hardware, and associated services for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, and eye care professionals.

Contact: Mark Hollis, CEO of MacPractice, Inc.
(212) 683-2224