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Motivate and Reap Rewards

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

A finely tuned employee reward system is essential if your objective is to motivate your team to achieve specific goals. It can be tailored to recognize both individuals, groups, and the entire team. It should have specific criteria and objectives. However, it’s important to note that a reward system is not a bonus system.


But what kind of a system will be well-received by the team? Find out.  Involve them in designing the reward program. Be sure to establish a budget and let employees know that resources are limited so creativity is important. It can be very effective for the doctor to start “on the spot” rewards with small gift cards of $5 or $10. This will not only be greatly appreciated, but it is an excellent way to encourage staff input and ideas into the program.


Remember there must be a distinct relationship between what an employee accomplishes and the reward received. Second, the reward must be perceived as significant in order for the employee to have the desire to step up performance. Employees do not get rewarded for doing their jobs. You don’t reward “Jill” because she managed to show up on time for the daily huddle for a full week. It is her job to show up on time. You reward employees for going beyond what is expected. You reward them for excellence.


Certainly, a well developed system for rewarding your employees should be established to maximize practice productivity as well as individual success. But don’t overlook the obvious. Say “thank you” often, make it sincere and do so in front of others. Don’t wait until you have an “official” rewards program to start emphasizing to employees that you value their contributions to the practice.


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