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Start Up Program financing

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

I live in North Carolina, and am considering going out on my own in private practice. Ms. McKenzie had said it was possible to roll over the fee from the Start Up Program into the loan for the practice. Another thing I’m considering doing, before actually opening the doors, is going to a Spanish language school in Latin America for about four months or so. There are a lot of Hispanic people in my area and I think this would be a great practice builder. Could I roll the expenses for this into the loan as well?

Dr. J. T.

General Practice Residency

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Hi Sally,
My name is Dr. Orjiekwe and I am a general dentist.  I just read a response you posted in December (@ the new dentist website) for a new dentist that was looking for a job without success in California.  I think that new dentists make a terrible mistake by jumping right out of dental school and think about associating or much worse starting a practice right away.  We should stop advising them to do so.  I strongly believe that every general practitioner should complete at least one year of general practice residency in a hospital or an advanced education in general dentistry (AEGD) in a dental school.  New dentists need to gain valuable experience treating patients.  Dental school does not prepare anyone for the type of care and speed needed in private practice.  Medical students do not graduate from medical school and start associate positions or even yet open their own practices.  This is insane.  After dental school, I did a general practice residency and associated for 5 years before setting up a very successful practice.  I am only 34 years old and I would not do it any other way.  New dentists need experiences beyond what dental schools offer.  My recommendation is that the dental community and the new dentist magazine/website should stop encouraging new dentists to go from dental school and get associate positions.  Worse yet, new dentists should not open up practices right after dental schools in order to avoid making a potentially huge terrible mistake.  THERE IS NOTHING LIKE GAINING A VALUABLE EXPERIENCE.  WHAT IS THE RUSH?
Dr. Ogonna Orjiekwe